Eliminate time-consuming insurance paperwork because the patient who visits you will pay immediately with no forms involved. This reduces the time you spend dealing with insurance companies and eliminates waiting for weeks or months for insurance payments to come in.

It costs you nothing to become a partner. If you agree to offer our members an attractive reduction in your standard rates, we will include your clinic in our network of healthcare providers.


Why become a member?

Grow your business by reaching either uninsured people or those whose insurance does not cover everything. Some people also have insurance but are not eligible for coverage until a waiting period is over. Others may have used the maximum coverage allowed. Or they may be excluded from healthcare insurance because of a pre-existing condition or age.

Not only will you attract those people, but you also get more social media support through our Salamtk Facebook page!


How Does it Work if you are one of the hospitals?

  • We will inform you before the patient come to your hospital, the patient shows your receptionist his/her Dr. Salamtk membership card.
  • Your receptionist verifies that the patient is a member by checking their ID as well as the expiry date, or he/she can verify it online by entering the patient ID and expiration date on our website.
  • For sure we will transfer to you all the payment before the patient come to your hospital.


How Does it Work if you would like to be our Agent in your country?

Just contact us and within the next days, we will come back to you.

Do you want to join our network of healthcare providers?

Are you interested in gift items for a healthcare event?

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