The UK leads the world in medical research, taking place at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge and the top London hospitals, and has done so for centuries.

The UK’s hospitals are among the very best in the world.

Britain’s private hospitals are clean and efficient, with high numbers of friendly attentive staff who are used to dealing with overseas guests.

Kings, Prime Ministers, and leaders from around the world come to the UK for medical treatment because the standards are so high.

Many patients travel from around the world to benefit from the excellent standard of medical and surgical treatment available in private hospitals in London, Manchester, Birmingham and the rest of the UK.

The UK may not be the cheapest option in international healthcare, but it is certainly one of the very best.

Most private hospitals in the UK will offer you an operation at a pre-agreed or fixed price. It’s really a case of locating which private hospital you want to go to, finding out whether they can do your operation and then contact them for a price.

Many of the UK’s private hospitals, particularly those in London,  provide special services for patients from overseas.  These may include interpreter services, catering for special diets, and doctors who speak languages other than English.

Many of the cutting edge treatments available in the UK, such as pioneering cancer therapies and groundbreaking fertility techniques, are simply not available in many of the budget healthcare tourism destinations, making the UK one of the few options available.

Traveling to the UK for medical treatment also gives you the opportunity to visit this fascinating country, with all that it has to offer.

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