About your health care

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Patient inquiries are sent directly to the doctor once we have all the required documents needed to assess the situation.

Before sending your inquiry to hospitals and medical centres Salamtk needs All necessary medical documents to make your doctor, surgeon or oral and dental doctor to assess your condition. Your medical documents are only given to hospitals, only for the purpose of obtaining an estimate of the cost of treatment. Patients can request that they be removed from our records at any time.

Salamtk is periodically audited to ensure privacy, so the privacy of patients is guaranteed. We only give medical reports to authorised medical centres within our network, solely for the purpose of obtaining a diagnosis of the cost of the treatment, a treatment plan, or both. As mentioned above, patients may request that their medical reports be submitted from our records at any time.

About travel and accommodation

For medical visas, we can help you get a letter of invitation from the hospital or medical center, and we can also share our visa information to help you with your first trip abroad. Just give us your inquiry and we’ll tell you everything you need to know.

Some hospitals allow family or friends to stay in the hospital, but in most cases visitors stay at a nearby hotel.

Most treatments require payment in advance, and patients can pay by credit card or debit card. There may be other payment options, but that varies from hospital to hospital.


SALAMTK is your portal that connects patients and medical providers around the world. It is not a medical facility – it is a service that helps patients find reliable medical facilities and find treatment in any medical specialty.

  • Find and compare treatment offers from hospitals and medical centers around the world
  • Communicate with the hospital to get an estimate of the cost and treatment plans as well as to get an appointment
  • Obtaining a visa and an invitation letter from the hospital
  • Medical Cost Management
  • Connecting between airport, hotel and hospital
  • Appointment of medical interpreter

No – Doctors at participating hospitals and medical centres provide medical opinion and options available for treatment. SALAMTK is a service that helps patients collect and provide information on the various treatments available around the world and compare them.

A second medical opinion is a comprehensive evaluation of the patient’s medical history, diagnosis and treatment plan by another medical specialist. The consultant’s doctor either supports diagnosis and treatment or gives another diagnosis and alternative treatment plan, or both. Studies show that between 20% and 60% of patients receive a change in diagnosis or treatment plan after taking another medical opinion.

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