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Everyone has already experienced pain, and everyone’s perception of pain is different. The pain you feel can never be felt the same way by other people.

Pain is an unpleasant feeling which can be mild or severe. Also the Pain can be limited only to one area or spread and in some cases the pain can be even referred to other parts of the body. For sure suffering from pain will affect us emotionally and physically, especially when we’re experiencing a chronic pain.

Almost everyone has experienced the headaches and also back pain at some points in their lives. Headaches and back pain are the most common two conditions that give us pain, but most of the time we ignore it. However, these problems should be taken more seriously as in many cases the cause of the pain can be sure a serious health problem.

Pain management generally is sometimes quite complicated as the pain can be caused by many factors and reasons. There are also different characteristics types of pain depending on the source. Pain treatment or management involves getting your pain under control, better or eliminate the pain. Living with pain can be debilitating. Pain treatment sure can help you to promote a better quality of life.


The pain is very individual depending on the person. Also to identifying the cause of pain is one of the most important factor of pain treatment. Sure once the cause is identified, the treatment will then be targeting it and will make the treatment more effective. Unfortunately in some cases, the cause of the pain is unknown. In such cases pain treatment will be like shooting blindfolded as the target is not known. This makes the treatment complicated, and will need a longer period of time.

Pain management will not only involve the different treatments available and known by SALAMTK medical tourism. It also sure involves the patient. Treating and managing your pain also needs from your side full cooperation and patience.


Today there are a big variety of treatment options for pain management such as: Medications, acupuncture, chiropractic, physiotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, steroids, relaxation techniques, massage and sure surgery in some of the cases are the treatments used to manage the pain.

    • Headache:

Headache isn’t just a headache. A headache could be a migraine, a tension, cervicogenic or a cluster . These type of headaches have a different causes and symptoms. Correct headache diagnosis and knowing all contributing factors sure will help to know the main reason and to have a successful pain treatment. The severity and frequency of the headaches will be also reduced. Pain treatments for headaches include:

▪ Medications and psychotherapy.

▪ Stress reduction, chiropractic and massage.

    • Back Pain:

One of the most difficult part of the body to identify the root couse of the pain is the back. That is because the back is composed of many structures such as bones, tendons, ligaments, cartilage and muscles). Problems could arise at any of the structures or can be the result of a combination of many problems.

SALAMTK medical tourism will Choose for you the right treatment for back pain depends on the duration and severity of the pain and the individual needs of you. Back pain should be treated with:

▪ Conservative methods as much as possible can be used.

▪ Pain killers are also prescribed to reduce or relieve pain.

▪ In physiotherapy the patient will receive back and abdominal exercises as well as, hot/cold treatments.

▪ Surgical procedures will be the last option for back pain.


  • Relief from pain
  • Improved overall health
  • Enhanced quality of life
  • Reduced stress


In our pain treatment centers and hospitals the goal is to relieve the pain and also to improve the patients’ quality of life. SALAMTK have different pain treatment centers and hospitals which offer safe, proven, effective and innovative treatment methods to eliminate or reduce the pain. Our pain specialists are also experts in diagnosing and treating any type of pain.

The different pain treatments offered in SALAMTK centers and hospitals are:

  • Chiropractic, acupuncture and vibration massage.
  • Saline therapy, physiotherapy and psychological psychotherapy.
  • Occupational therapy , cryoanalgesia and cryoneurolysis.
  • Trigger point treatment, electrotherapy, biofeedback and palliative care.
  • There is also several surgical procedures are also performed to treat chronic pain, and for sure after the surgery rehabilitation will be needed to speed up the recovery process and help patients return to their normal life.


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